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Aerosmith - I Don’t wanna miss a thing

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Guns N’ Roses - Dead Horse

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Art meets ARTchitecture In The Concete Penthouse Of Christian And Karen Boros | Photography: Ailine Liefeld

The Bunker, this historically significant Second World War building was originally constructed for the German railway company by reinforced concrete, and was used as a shelter to protect travelers who arrived at the Friedrichstrasse Railway station from air raid attacks. Architect Karl Bonatz was commissioned by Nazi Germany the architectural design of The Bunker; the building had a capacity which could shelter up to 3,000 passengers in five floors. Of the original unique characteristics of this historical building were the up to two meter thick walls, as well as the three meter thick concrete roof. The original interior spatial layout has an axially symmetrical layout; while the exterior façade on all four sides is identical – made of raw concrete and accentuated by fine details.

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Preparem-se! (em Centro Educacional Sete Estrelas)


Preparem-se! (em Centro Educacional Sete Estrelas)

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